Are you getting lost trying to keep up with all your social media platforms?

Feeling like you’re not promoting your book enough?

Overwhelmed and having trouble finding time to write?

You are not alone and with the one-two punch of super platform building and inner-writer work, your muse can be an awesome writer’s muse, too!

Join Dawna and Mary for an exciting journey where you will discover how to rock your social media and deal with your inner writer so you can get out of overwhelm and get back to writing today!

Find out how to take your social media presence and author platform from “ho hum” to “wow”. You’ll discover the TOP five NEED to know tips when approaching social media and platform building. In her FREE Tip sheet, Dawna shares with you:

  • The #1 step you can take that demonstrates to your growing platform that you take yourself serious as an author, whether you’re published yet or not
  • The social media platforms you should be present on in order to get the most ROI (return on investment) of time and energy
  • The main purpose of social media and building your platform (Hint: It’s not what you might think.)
  • The one thing you ought focus on FIRST

And then, learn ways to help you stop being overwhelmed and get back to writing. In her handout, Mary will show you

  • Why it is imperative for your career that you learn to say “no”
  • The top way to make the decisions that work for YOUR career
  • How to balance the things you “have” to do with writing and editing your novels
  • The way to turn the chores you dread (marketing, anyone?) into actions that you enjoy

To get these great tools, simply sign up using the form below. You don’t have to have a bland social media presence any longer! And, get rid of overwhelm and get back into the flow of your writing!